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The Acadiana Software Group (ASG) is a community of software developers located in Lafayette, LA and the surrounding areas of Acadiana founded in 2015*. We welcome professional and hobbyist developers to advance our core mission by exchanging knowledge exchange and building a community.

Members give presentations on a wide variety of topics at monthly meetups, followed by a Q&A. Presentations adjourn to nearby restaurants where members continue their conversations or socialize generally. We also have an active Slack channel for technical and professional advice, professional networking, venting, and socializing.

Software development is a wide field that brings together many parts of our community. Our unique culture comes from gathering people with different skills, skill levels, and experience. Our members benefit from every participant's knowledge and company. There is as much to learn in presenting or teaching as there is in listening or soliciting advice.

Thank you for your support and being a part of this community! Please contact us if you would like to give a talk or if you have an idea for an event or social gathering. You can contact a committee member by emailing us.

* Founded by Chris Parich, Corey Gaudin, Brian Stanford, & Demian Neidetcher

Past Events

  • From Buttons to Binary

    John Ezekiel, Wednesday, March 11th, 2020 (View Slides)

    Talk will be an exploration of how a button press on a website becomes 0s and 1s on the server.

  • Adventures In AI and JavaScript

    Gant Laborde, Wednesday, February 12th, 2020 (View SlidesView Video)

    More and more we hear terms like "Machine Learning" and "AI", but are those just terms for Fortune 500 companies and their SkyNet labs? Nope! It's cool stuff that's coming our way, and we can access it in JavaScript in the browser! Let's see some cool stuff in web pages!

  • Ignite Talks

    Multiple, Wednesday, January 8th, 2020

    Ignite talks are 20 slides, auto-advancing every 15 seconds and only 5 minutes long. They can be on any topic. Ignite talks are a great chance to share ideas that wouldn't typically take up a full talk. It's also a way to dip your toe into public speaking (anyone can bomb for 5 minutes). Here's the expected lineup.

    • Vulkan in 5 mins – Chris Parich
    • Don’t Discount the Developer – Tales from the Technical Dark Side – Mike Miller
    • Know your Audience – Brian Stanford
    • Intro to –ilities – Davin Smith
    • Improving Web Performance with Responsive Images – Steven Musumeche
    • Avoiding Burnout – Kristin Parich
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